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The Trafalgar Group is a proudly Australian business which has been creating quality specialty building products and solutions since 1945.

We are committed to delivering high standard products, systems and solutions that exceed our customer expectations. The Trafalgar Group consists of the following divisions:

Trafalgar Fire - Trafalgar Fire is the proud manufacturer and distributor of the FireBOX range of products. We are a market leader in the development and supply of passive fire containment solutions. We combine the world's best technology with locally patented solutions. To view our FireBOX range click on the Products section of this website, or alternatively to see our full range of passive fire protection products, go to

Trafalgar Safety - Trafalgar and Store-Safe offer a comprehensive range of specialised safe storage and handling products. Our products are Australian made and built in accordance with Australian standards. Visit the website at 

As of March 2020, we are extremely excited to announce our latest acquisition in Safety of JNI Pallet Systems. With this latest addition to our offering our customers have an extensive range of quality, Australian made safety solutions. Visit the website at

Trafalgar Access - We offer an extensive range of Australian made specialty, standard and custom access panels that provide an aesthetically pleasing means of accessing walls, ceilings and service shafts. View our website at

Trafalgar Manufacturing - Trafalgar is a proud Australian manufacturer of sheet metal components including FyreBOX™, and the Trafalgar range of access panels, safety cabinets and other passive fire protection products. Learn more about our capabilities and how we can assist you at

Trafalgar Innovation - Trafalgar has a proven track record of innovation and problem solving since 1945. We've invested in a dedicated Innovation team to ensure we continue to focus on listening to customer and industry opportunities and challenges and investing in the future. Contact us to learn more.


We welcome your input so please call to discuss your unique needs with the Trafalgar team.

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To discuss your project requirements contact the Trafalgar Customer Service Team or fill in the message form. FyreBOX and the FireBOX range of products are trademarks of Fire Containment Pty Ltd.

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