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Through our ongoing commitment to research and development, the Trafalgar team developed and manufacture the FireBOX range of passive fire containment solutions. The FireBOX range assists builders by:

  • reducing the overall installation area for service penetrations;
  • avoiding the need for fire stopping of multiple openings;
  • simplifying and reducing construction and maintenance costs over the life of the building.

This just names a few key benefits of this revolutionary fire stopping product.

The FireBOX range is currently available in four forms: 

FyreBOX Slab-Mount - this product has been designed for high-rise residential apartments and allows for multiple services to be run quickly and easily prior to wall construction. This patented device is ideal when you have a confined space to run services.

FyreBOX Cast-In - allows for building designers and service consultants to identify the required location for services, prior to construction, and route services which penetrate the floor slab to pass through FyreBOX. Can be custom made to suit multiple slab thickness.

FyreBOX Maxi - is suitable for use in any building where penetrations are made through plasterboard, Hebel and masonry walls and floors for services. It removes the need to separate service penetrations such that all contractors can run their services through the one penetration. 

FyreBOX Mini - is suitable for use in any building where penetrations are made through plasterboard, Hebel and masonry walls and floors for services. The FyreBOX Mini has been tested rigorously with a multitude of service types, service configurations, and wall and floor types and is one of the most fire tested products in the world.

Our FireBOX range of products has been extensively fire tested and fully approved to AS1530.4 and AS4072.1 for use with a multitude of services. Trafalgar Fire's FireBOX systems are changing the way we build to improve fire safety!


FyreBOX and FireBOX are trademarks of Trafalgar Group Pty Ltd.

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